BAT60 Battery Asset Tracker



An extension to the Tracking Systems family of asset management solutions, the BAT60 isBat60 a certified quad-band integrated platform that provides GSM/GPRS/GPS functionality for mobile asset monitoring. 

The BAT60 was designed for the intelligent monitoring of non-powered mobile and fixed assets.  The BAT60 is a battery operated device with internal GPS and GSM antennas. 

The device must be installed ensuring that the top of the device has clear access to the sky. The BAT60 is a water resistant device, pursuant to the IP-67 rating.  This rating specifies that the device is protected against dust, and high pressure jets of water.  The device cannot be immersed in water.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

  • Up to 4 years of operation for every 12 hour reporting and 3 years for 8 hour reporting
  • Fully Integrated – no need for external antenna or power sourceSuperior GPS Sensitivity
  • Water Resistant – Device is protected against high pressure jets of water
  • Low Battery Alert – will report when battery voltage = 3.0V.
    • On 12 hour plan battery will last 15 days
    • On 8 hour plan battery will last 10 days from the date of the low battery alert